Restodontic treatment on lower second molar with c-shaped canal.

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welcome back to SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, a full story of my mini series updated from my social media such as instagramfacebookgoogle plus, and also twitter. Sometimes, I also updated my cases at Line or Linkedin. 🙂 this topic will focus only on conservative dentistry cases such as restorative dentistry and endodontic or root canal treatment.

Restodontic: From Apical to Coronal.
Endodontic treatment on lower second molar with c-shaped canal.
It was about a month ago, my friend Dr. Dita, reffered an endodontic case. And it was just about a c-shaped one..
By The definition of the C-shaped root canal system is that the morphology of its horizontal cross section is in the form of a C, with canals which may or may not be separate.

MELTON (1991) proposed the following classification based on the different configurations of the orifices in C-shaped canal systems.
• Class I: a continuous C-shaped canal, with no separation of the canals.
• Class II: the canal orifices resemble a semicolon (;), where a C-shaped canal is present buccally or lingually, separated from another distinct canal by a dentine wall.
• Class III: two or more separate canals are present, as in a typical lower molar, with three canal orifices.

In all three classes, the “main” canals can be cleaned and shaped normally; however the instrumentation of the isthmus that connects these canals requires care, because although it may be extensive, it may also be very narrow. Copious amounts of irrigants is a must in this case.

dokter gigi rio suryantoro spesialis konservasi gigi terbaik jakarta PSA 47 4 sal c shaped

In this case, i did 2 visits. One visit for endodontic treatment and one for restorative treatment. cleaning and shaping was done with Mtwo (VDW) with clockwise reciprocating movement (150CW, 30 CCW). After obturation, those canals were coronally sealed with low shrinkage stress composite resin (filtek bulkfill flowable – 3M).
Three weeks later (restorative visit), i put filtek bulkfill (3M) as dentin replacement, followed with ceram X mono (Dentsply) as coronal layer. Polishing was done with soflex (3M) and enhance (dentsply).

dokter gigi rio suryantoro spesialis konservasi gigi jakarta relax jul junai

Hope this dental restoration will be long last.

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